Emma Red and Penny Flame Share A Dick!

by Glamour Models Gone Bad

Love this clip Emma Red is on her back getting fucked with
nice long strokes, then Penny Flame bends over Emma and take his
pussy wet dick in her mouth for a taste before guiding his cock back
in Emma’s pussy!

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Emma Red and Penny Flame Tear It Up!

How lucky can this guy get, not only Emma Red but he has Penny Flame sucking his dick, live is just not fair 🙁

Check out Emma Red she just cant wait for that big dick to fill up her pussy!

I wonder what Penny Flame is saying to Emma Red in this picture, maybe she is saying you like that dick don’t ya!

Penny Flame looks like she is in heaven, cant say I blame her who would turn down oral sex from Emma Red!

Check out the grip Emma Red has on Penny Flames right breast, kinda says it all!

And we close with this last picture, Penny Flame getting dicked from behind while Emma Red is waiting for her turn!

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