Emma Red For 18eighteen.com!

Emma! We always thought you looked great!

“I dunno, I saw myself in my movie, Teens in Need, and I thought I looked kinda scrawny. I have practically no boobs or butt at all. Lately, the guys I’ve been seeing have been giving me shit about it, too, which makes me feel real bad. I keep hearing how older guys would be better for me, so I think it’s time I tried that.”

That’s what you said last time you were in the mag back in Sept. ’06.

“Yeah, but this time I mean it. My girlfriends are all dating guys in their thirties and they say it’s all good–the dates, the attention and the sex. I need to get me some of that!”

We could probably hook you up with a guy or ten.
“Thanks, but I do okay on my own! I’m just gonna get out there and look and if something happens, it happens.”

Hm she likes old guys, oh hell yea!

Emma Red Bikini
Emma Red sexy in a two piece bikini!

Emma Red Topless
Emma Red goes topless!

Emma Red Smile
Emma Red flashes us a sexy smile!

Emma Red Bottoms
Emma Red pulls her bikini bottoms over!

Emma Red Legs
Emma Red bent over for us, nice legs!

Emma Red Pussy
Emma Red spreads her Ginger pussy for us!

Emma Red Vibrator
Emma Red lubes up her vibrator!

Emma Red Masturbating
Emma Red fucks herself with a vibrator!

Emma Red Spread Pussy
Emma Red spreads her pussy wide for us!

Emma Red just told us the younger guys don’t like skinny girls, shit they don’t know what they are missing, just more petite babes for us!

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Emma Red

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